Technology and the Making of Europe

39th ICOHTEC symposium Barcelona 2012

10 July - 14 July 2012
Location: Barcelona, Spain
Organizer: ICOHTEC

Technology, the Arts and Industrial Culture

Deadline for proposals has been extended to Sunday 12 February, 2012 

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The 39th ICOHTEC Symposium will be held in Catalonia in mid-July next year. The main theme of the meeting will be Technology, the Arts and Industrial Culture. The aim is to examine technology in a multidisciplinary framework. The key questions are how technological development has interacted with design, architecture, the arts as well as popular culture and whether we can regard industrial culture as a melting pot of various influences. Reflecting on the theme of the previous conference we hope also to explore the role of consumers in this dialogue.

Barcelona with its rich industrial history, outstanding architecture and ample collections of the arts will be an excellent site for examining the interactions of technology with the arts, structural and form design as well as culture in general.

ICOHTEC welcomes individual paper and poster proposals as well as the submissions of sessions to this symposium. The tendency is to favour compact and coherent session proposals where pre­sentations communicate with each others.

The symposium programme will include scientific and plenary sessions, poster presentations, business meetings and the general assembly of the organising society, excursions, social events such as receptions and a banquet, and possibly pre- and post-conference trips. The premises of the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya will serve as venues for this meeting.

The programme committee suggests the following subthemes for the consideration of session organizers and contributors. The bullet points under the subthemes are simply examples of topics that could fit into the each subtheme.

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