Technology and the Making of Europe

6th Tensions of Europe Conference

19 September - 21 September 2013
Location: Paris
Organizer: Pascal Griset and his team

Democracy and Technology; Europe under Tensions XIXth - XXIst Century

The sixth Tensions of Europe Confence will take place in Paris. The conference deals with places and periods where and when democracy and technology intersected and interacted, inside or outside projects and institutions, discourses and practices, procedures and objects, from the 19th century to present times. Between assessment and instrumentalization, how democracy dealt wiht the social, economic and cultural challenges of technology? How technology, democratic regimes and ideas impacted mutually? The conference has two particular focusses: tracking transnational dynamics at European scale, historicizing recent claims for a 'technical democracy', through wihich it is expected that teh making of democracty and technology are weaved together.

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