Technology and the Making of Europe

European Studies Conference 2012

28 June - 30 June 2012
Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Organizer: Donna Ferrand

From 28-30 June, 2012 the Centre for European and International Studies Research organizes a three-day international conference at Portsmouth University. The event will bring together academics and practitioners from a broad range of disciplines including sociology, politics/IR, history, linguistics and gender studies.

Conference themes:

  • Liberté, egalité, fraternité: society and state formation in Europe
  • Governing Europe: transnational fields and networks
  • Europeanisation? Changing national and sub-national polities
  • Language: barrier to Europeanisation?
  • Inclusion and exclusion: Immigrants and minorities in national and European societies
  • Unity in diversity? The local and regional in Europe
  • Contact and convergence: popular culture as banal Europeanisation?
  • Museums, theatres, cinema: transnationalizing high culture in Europe
  • Changing the Other: Europe in the world


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