Technology and the Making of Europe

Future initiatives

Upcoming initiatives of the Tensions of Europe network:


Meetings and Conferences

Various meetings and conferences are on the agenda, which allow for TOE initiatives and events:

  • The 5th Tensions of Europe conference will be organized on 3-4 October 2012, prior to the Annual Meeting of SHOT in Copenhagen (Denmark), 4-7 October 2012. Central themes are the Making Europe book series and the future of our network.The conference will be organized by the Foundation for the History of Technology, in collaboration with Lars Heide, this year's organizer of the Annual Meeting of SHOT.
  • The 6th Tensions of Europe conference will take place in Paris (France) in 2013. Pascal Griset will be the main organizer. Central theme of the conference will be ‘Technology and Democracy’. 



Various educational events are being planned:

  • The 2011 summer school in Portugal has been postponed. A new date is not yet available.
  • There are plans to apply for a summer school in 2013-2014.

And a ToE educational initiative is in the making: 

  • an Erasmus Mundus Joint Doctorate application was submitted in April 2011 by Telly Tympas, aiming to realize a ToE educational initiative (to be connected to the summer and winter schools) and to stimulate collaboration between European universities in the field of European history of technology. Current full and associate partners are New University Lisbon, Portugal (Maria Paula Diogo), KTH Royal Institute of Technology,  Sweden (Arne Kaijser),  Paris-Sorbonne University , France (Pascal Griset), Eindhoven University of Technology, The Netherlands (Johan Schot/Ruth Oldenziel) and the National Kapodistrian University of Athens,  Greece (with Telly Tympas as coordinator). Already in the fall of 2010 these partners established a Europe, Technology and History Education initiative using bilateral Erasmus agreements. This program enables exchanges for undergraduates, graduates and faculty from participating institutions. If successful, the Erasmus Mundus initiative will fund 30 PhD students. Interested TOE colleagues can contact Telly. 



Last year we confirmed our commitment to building a new TOE program. At the moment there are several ongoing initiatives which fit the current intellectual agenda:

  • Andreas Fickers is preparing a workshop the spring of 2012 to discuss possible future themes and challenging questions. The idea is to invite people from outside our field in order to get their feedback and input. A number of people will be asked to submit a position paper on sustainability, environment, merging economic and technological history, and cultural history. The results of the workshop will be presented and discussed in Copenhagen.
  • Ruth Oldenziel is working on plans for research on European Bicycling & Recycling. In collaboration with Helmuth Trischler she organized the workshop Re/Cycling Histories: Users and the Paths to Sustainability in Everyday Life, which was held in Munich, Germany, from May 27-29, 2011 at the Kerschensteiner Kolleg, Deutsches Museum, Munich. This might result in a broader initiative in the sustainable development area. Other initiatives in this area are among others an application on the history of waste in Germany.
  • Emanuela Scarpellini is working on an Inventing Europe spin-off on fashion and the aesthetic side of technology. Interested TOE colleagues can contact Emanuela.
  • Valentina Fava and Ivan Tchalakov are planning to organize a network and collaborative research initiative entitled “From the Hidden Integration of Europe to the Enlargement of the EU” with a focus on East-West relations. They are planning a conference on East-West relationships in Finland.
  • The Foundation for the History of Technology will develop a new initiative, probably in the area of sustainable development.