Technology and the Making of Europe

Call for Papers for a Youth and Technology Panel at ToE 2017

21 November 2016


Venue: 8th Tensions of Europe Conference, Athens, Greece, 7-10 September 2017

Organizer: Catherine Radtka (CNES/ISCC, France)


Taking the opportunity of the 8th Tensions of Europe Conference, this panel intends to include the

study of places, structures and devices that allowed young Europeans to play with and appropriate

technology during the long 20th Century, and by doing so to build a common culture, to share

references and experiences, or on the contrary to develop specific uses in local contexts.

It will emphasize the children and young adults experience of technology, in response to or

independently from adults’ (parents, educators, politicians, scientists and engineers) motivations.

Participants are invited to address issues such as:


- Children as targets: educational and ideological motives; discursive consequences of

communicating science and technology to children. In particular, we invite analyses that

show how the relationship between technology and children can be at stake in the case of

crises and societal challenges, through specific exercises (e.g. security exercises in case of

nuclear attacks in schools), thematic education (e.g. environmental education), and actions

aiming at transforming behaviours in order to “adapt” to modified environmental settings

(e.g. diet and lifestyle recommendations in polluted surroundings, near to nuclear

infrastructures, etc.). Cross-national comparisons are particularly welcome;


- Children as independent actors: appropriation of technology by children and young adults,

youngsters’ initiatives and relationships to the authorities;


- Relationship to technology and the forging of youth: we invite analyses that investigate how

technology can become an age group indicator (e.g. “digital natives”), or a site of production

of youth (e.g. technological clubs);


- International encounters and circulation: international science fairs, networks of clubs, youth



This call is open for other questions. Please, feel free to make your contribution.


Scholars are invited to send their proposal to before 1 January 2017.

Abstracts should be no more than 300-words, including title, name and affiliation of the author.

The Panel will then be submitted in answer to the call for Papers for the 8th Tensions of Europe


You can download the call here.