Technology and the Making of Europe

Intellectual agenda

The Tensions of Europe network succeeded in bringing together scholars from over 20 countries who were interested in looking at the role of technology in European history since 1850. Between 2000 and 2004 the scholars involved exchanged ideas in a series of 20 thematic and 5 integrative workshops. Central themes of these workshops were the European city, mobility, the rise of the consumer society, colonization and decolonization, agriculture and food, communication, big technological systems, military technology and information systems. The work resulted in the intellectual agenda ‘Inventing Europe:Technology and the making of Europe from 1850 to the present’ which was presented during the first TOE conference that took place in Budapest (Hungary) in the spring of 2004.

The agenda focuses on the construction and use of technologies in the making of Europe. It offers a new perspective for viewing the historical development of Europe and opens up a new set of questions about the timing, the geographical extent, cultural breadth, and historical dynamics of European integration. Since its presentation the intellectual agenda forms the base of all research activities within TOE.