Technology and the Making of Europe

Reviews and proposals

All theme groups presented literature reviews and research proposals, some of which crystallized into Inventing Europe collaborative research projects.


Agriculture and food

2004: Technology, and food production, distribution and consumption (By Carmen Sarasuà & Peter Scholliers) 


Colonization, Decolonization and Aid 

2004: Analytic Themes, Research Programmatics, and Collaborative Projects (By David Arnold & Gabrielle Hecht)



2004: EuroNets – EuroChannels – EuroVisions (By Stefan Kaufmann, David Gugerli & Barbara Bonhage)


Consumer Society

2001: Mass consumption and Usage of 20th Century Technologies (By Gwen Bingle & Heike Weber)

2003: 'Designing the European User' and the Politics of Consumption (By Ruth Oldenziel)

2004: Mediating practices: Technology and the Rise of Consumer Society in the Twentieth Century (By Adri Albert de la Bruhèze, Onno de Wit & Ruth Oldenziel)

2004: Towards European Histories of Consumption: A Research Agenda (By Onno de Wit, Adri Albert de la Bruhèze & Ruth Oldenziel)


Narratives on the European City

2004: Position paper: Urban Machinery (By Mikael Hård & Thomas Misa)

2004: Possible future projects (By Mikael Hård)


Engineering Europe: Big technological projects and military systems

2004: The Machines of War: Military Technoloy in the Twentieth Century (By Barton C. Hacker)

2004: Research Agenda (By Helmuth Trischler & Hans Weinberger)


European mobility

2001: Networks, Systems and the European Automobile (By Gijs Mom)

2001: Diffusion of Motorized Mobility in a European context (By Gijs Mom, David A. Kirsch & Hanna Wolf)

2001: The Evolutionary Struggle for a European Automotive Technology (By Gijs Mom)

2003: Developing the Virtual Museum (By Bruce Pietrykowski & Jennifer Faber)

2003: Producing (Auto-) Mobility (By Gijs Mom & Bruce Pietrykowski) 

2003: Mobility Culture (By Kurt Möser & Catherine Bertho Lavenir)

2003: Engineering European Mobility (By Per Østby)

2004: E-Motion: European Mobility History (By Gijs Mom et al.)


Information systems and technology in organisations and society

2004: Information System and Technology in Organisations and Society (By Robbie Guerreiro-Wilson et al.)


Networking Europe

2004: Networking Europe (By Erik van der Vleuten & Arne Kaijser)

2004: Research Agenda (By Arne Kaijser & Erik van der Vleuten)