Technology and the Making of Europe



Several books have been written as the outcome of Tensions of Europe working groups, on consumption, networks and urban technologies.

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AUP Series

The Technology and European History series seeks to present scholarship about the role of technology in European history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

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Working Papers

The Tensions of Europe Working Paper series provides a platform for the exchange of ideas and research findings among scholars in the Tensions of Europe Network and in the four projects funded  through the ESF Collaborative Research Programme “Inventing Europe: Technology in the Making of Europe, 1850 to the Present” 

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The four Inventing Europe collaborative Research Projects resulted in various articles in journals, contributions to international conferences, book chapters and News & Views types of articles.

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Special Issue

In 2005 a special issue of the journal History and Technology was published about the research of the Tensions of Europe network.

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