Fellowship Fund


Karen Johnson Freeze

The fund was established in memory of Karen Johnson Freeze, who broadened the perspective of the history of technology through the inclusion of Eastern, Central, and South Eastern Europe. She was responsible for the early contacts with young scholars in the region and pointed out existing preconceptions and biases, while bridging the scholarly divisions created as a result of Cold War politics. Through her efforts, the history of technology has begun to develop as a field in Central and Eastern Europe. Within Society for the History of Technology (SHOT), she served as a very active chair of the International Outreach Committee.

Who should apply?

The Karen Johnson Freeze Fellowship Fund supports early career scholars preferably working in Central, Southeastern, and Eastern Europe in their pursuit of either pre- or postdoctoral research in the field of history of technology. The award may be used for travel and/or small stipends to provide a basic income for a few months. Through the fund, early career scholars will be allowed to attend international conferences or visit distant archives.

What are the Conditions?

A Karen Johnson Freeze Fellow will be granted an award of a maximum of €2,000.--. The expenses will be paid directly to the fellow after submission of a statement of expenses and the original receipts. In emergency cases, an advance payment may be available. Expenses are refunded in accordance with the regulations of the Foundation for the History of Technology.

Fellows are required to publish a report/article in the Tensions of Europe Newsletter and the SHOT Newsletter. Additionally, the Fellows will be offered the opportunity to publish their report in the Tensions of Europe Working Paper series.

Selection Committee

Fellows are selected by a committee consisting of Prof. dr. Luda Klusakova (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic), Prof.dr. Ruth Oldenziel (Eindhoven University of Technology, the Netherlands), Dr. Dobrinka Parusheva (University of Plovdiv, Bulgaria) and Prof.dr. Steve Usselman (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA).

For more information, please, contact dr. Jan Korsten, Business Director of the Foundation for the History of Technology.