New collaborative ToE publication: History and Technology in an Age of Grand Challenges (Technology and Culture)

Just published: Forum ‘History and Technology in an Age of Grand Challenges.’ Technology and Culture Volume 61, Number 1, January 2020, pp.260-332

In 2016 we formed a number of transnational working groups to build research agendas and networks in the context of the Tensions of Europe flagship program Technology and Societal Challenges. By early 2019 that joint effort had resulted in over two dozen workshops and conferences, in which many relevant themes were debated with an ever-increasing number of interested and engaged scholars.This forum presents an introduction to the program and tentative findings from five of these working groups.



History and Technology in an Age of “Grand Challenges”: Raising Questions

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Erik van der Vleuten (guest editor)

p. 260-271


Crises and Technological Futures: Experiences, Emotion, and Action

Karena Kalmbach, Andreas Marklund, Anna Åberg

p. 272-281


Challenging Europe: Technology, Environment, and the Quest for Resource Security

Matthias Heymann, Per Högselius, Elena Kochetkova, John Martin, Ole Sparenberg, Frank Veraart, Anna Åberg

p. 282-294


The Energy Challenge in Historical Perspective

Ute Hasenöhrl, Jan-Henrik Meyer

p. 295-306


Sustainable Urban Mobility in the Present, Past, and Future

Frank Schipper, Martin Emanuel, Ruth Oldenziel

p. 307-317


Governing Technosciences in the Age of Grand Challenges: A European Historical Perspective on the Entanglement of Science, Technology, Diplomacy, and Democracy

Stathis Arapostathis, Léonard Laborie

p. 318-332


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