PhD opportunity “Anthropocene and empires: energy, environment, economy”

PhD opportunity "Anthropocene and empires: energy, environment, economy": the joint international doctoral program "Global History of Empires" (University of Turin and Higher School of Economics, St-Petersburg and Moscow) calls for a science and technology perspective.

Global History of Empires is a joint doctoral program between the University of Turin (Italy) and the Higher School of Economics (Moscow and St. Petersburg, Russian Federation). The program is designed to provide educational and research environment for dissertation research by doctoral students in the fields of early modern, modern, and contemporary history, with particular attention to its global dimension.

It offers an interdisciplinary degree for students who desire to study global issues such as conflict, migration, human rights, governance, environment, energy, technology, sustainable development and the challenges these issues present for lasting peace, equality and prosperity.

The PhD programme is based on the assumption that empires did not belong exclusively to the past, and that they left their imprint on the contemporary world in a variety of ways that we often fail to appreciate. Its aim is to enrich the understanding of the historical origins of the complex mosaic of institutions, practices, habits of thought and organization that make up the modern world.

The programme includes a science and technology perspective through a subtheme titled "Anthropocene and empires: energy, environment, economy". See more here


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