ToE Early Career Scholars Reading Group


The Tensions of Europe early career scholars monthly reading group that started in spring 2021, goes in its first autumn semester.  This is a place where early career scholars can get feedback on their own texts in a constructive and supportive environment.

It takes place every 3rd  Thursday of the month, at 10 am CET

All early career scholars are welcome to participate. Free slots in the autumn semester! If you want to participate in the reading group or present a text please email:

Hanna Vikström:

Anna Petrova:

Autmne 2022 schedule 

Upcoming: Tirza Meyer, "Jellygeddon - jellyfish from problem to resource?", KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Upcoming: Ginevra Sanvitale: tba

Past events

16 February (Wednesday): Roberto Cantoni:  Conflicted transitions: Exploring the actors, tactics, and outcomes of social opposition against energy infrastructure

20. January: Jens Millenkrantz: Of National Fuels and Foreign Oil: Conservative attempts to engender a new fuel regime, 1932-1933

25. November: Jakub Mazanec, Dissertation: Cold War Technopolitics in The Third World – A Case Study of Water Management in Ghana. (Chapter 1)

21. October: Siegfried Evens: KTH, title: In Deep Water (1965-1979)

17. June: Ginevra Sanvitale, Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, Netherlands.

20 May: Saara Matala, Post doc at the Division of Science, Technology and Society, at the Department of Technology Management and Economics. Title: National Security, Security of Supply. Geopolitics and oil in Finland, 1973-1992

15 April: Michael Ďurčo, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Institute of History, Bratislava, Slovakia: Paper aimed on the infrastructure transition in interwar Czechoslovakia

18 March: Anna Petrova, History, National Research University Higher School of Economics (Saint Petersburg): In the fire it doesn't burn, in the water it doesn't sink: Development of the Expert Knowledge System on New Synthetic Materials in the Textile Production of the Soviet Union in the 1950s-1960

18 February:  Hanna Vikström, History, Luleå Technical University: Who decides what should be in a decayed tooth? Materials, knowledge, and professionalization of dentistry, 1860-1880.



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