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Andreas Fickers

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Prof. Dr.


Université du Luxembourg


Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History


Director of Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History; Professor of Contemporary and Digital History


11, Porte des Sciences, Esch-sur-Alzette

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Andreas Fickers is Professor of Contemporary and Digital History at Luxembourg University. There he directs the Interdisciplinary “Center for Contemporary and Digital History” (CCDH) and coordinates a Doctoral Training Unit (DTU) on “Digital History and Hermeneutics”. His research fields include transnational and European history of media and technology, digital historiography and the history of the German speaking community of Belgium. He is editor in chief of the online journal “VIEW – Journal of European Television History and Culture” (, member of the editorial board of History & Technology, and member of the Management Committee of the Tensions of Europe network ( Together with Pascal Griset (Paris-Sorbonne) he is the author of the 6 volume of the Making Europe series “Communicating Europe:  Technologies, Information, Events”  with Palgrave-MacMillan (

Recent publications

Jonathan Bignell, Andreas Fickers (eds.) A European Television History, Oxford 2008.

Eventing Europe. Europäische Fernseh- und Mediengeschichte als Zeitgeschichte, in: Archiv für Sozialgeschichte 49 (2009), S. 391-416

Alexander Badenoch, Andreas Fickers (eds.) Materializing Europe. Transnational Infrastructures and the Project of Europe, Basingstoke 2010.

Andreas Fickers, Catherine Johnson (eds.) Transnational Television History. A Comparative Approach, London 2012.

The Emergence of Television as a Conservative Media Revolution: Historicising a Process of Remediation in the Post-war Western European Mass Media Ensemble, in: Journal of Modern European History 10 (2012), S. 49-75

Towards A New Digital Historicism? Doing History in the Age of Abundance, in: Journal of European Television History and Culture 1 (2012) H. 1, S. 19-26.

Alexander Badenoch, Andreas Fickers, Christian Henrich-Franke (eds.) Airy Curtains in the European Ether. Broadcasting and the Cold War, Baden-Baden 2013.
Andreas Fickers, Rüdiger Haude, Stefan Krebs, Werner Tschacher (eds.) Jeux sans Frontières? Grenzgänge der Geschichtswissenschaft. Bielefeld: Transcript 2017.


Andreas Fickers, Pascal Griset. Communicating Europe. Information, Technologies, Events. London: Palgrave-MacMillan 2018.



Role in Tensions of Europe

Participant, Management Committee

Research interests

Mobilty, ICT, Financial Crises

Additional research interests

Media history, Digital History