Dariusz Brzostek



Dariusz Brzostek

Academic title(s)

associate professor


Department of Cultural Studies


Nicolaus Copernicus University Torun




+48 513204201

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Short biography

1.       Education and qualifications

2010 – habilitacja (a Polish degree conferred for a habilitation thesis based on independent scholarship) (The Literature and Non-Reason. The Anthropology of Horror Story), Faculty of Languages NCU Toruń,

2001 – PhD (Time in the science fiction novels), Faculty of Languages NCU Toruń,

1997 – MA (Time and Space in the Ph.K. Dick’s Novels), Faculty of Humanities NCU Toruń.


2.       Work experience

2017 – associate profesor, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Languages NCU, Toruń,

2011 – 2017 – assistant professor, Department of Cultural Studies, Faculty of Languages NCU, Toruń,

2001 – 2011 – assistant professor, Institute of Polish Literature, Faculty of Languages NCU Toruń.


3.       Scientific researches

Main research interests: sound studies, science fiction and horror fiction, social memory, psychoanalysis, sound art, theory of improvisation, field recording, somatic sounds, sound poetry and psychoanalysis of the voice.

Recent publications

Где заканчивается литература? “Глас господа” и “Голем XIV” – “реликты романа” С. Лема, [in:] Искусство и ответственность. Литературное творчество Станислава Лема. Сборник научных статей, ed. Е. Козьмина, Екатеринбург-Москва 2017, p. 139-152.

The Sonoristic Triangle, Or, What Claude Lévi-Strauss Would Have Said About the Sound Culture If He Had Not Talked About Cooking Instead, „AVANT. Trends in Interdisciplinary Studies” 2017,  vol  VIII, Situating Art and Cognition, s. 93-100.

What does Lem sound like? A tale told in a number of soundscapes, [in:] 30. Musica Polonica Nova. Festiwal Polskiej Muzyki Współczesnej. 8-16 kwietnia 2016 Wrocław, ed. S. Wieczorek, Wrocław 2016, p. 55-60.


Role in Tensions of Europe


Research interests

Migration, Environment, Knowledge Networks