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Frank Veraart

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Dr. ir.


Eindhoven University of Technology


School of Innovation Sciences


Assistant Professor


The Netherlands

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Frank Veraart is assistant professor history of technology at the School of Innovation Sciences. He studies historical development of sustainability trade-offs in the global supply chains connecting to the Netherlands.

Frank has been involved in the research Historical Roots of the Dutch Sustainability Challenges, 1850-2010. In this research sustainable developments in Dutch society are analyzed using a mixed methods approach of quantitative and qualitative analysis. Quantitative monitors and series sketch the sustainability developments. A qualitative analysis is applied to analyze choices of actors in applying biological, mineral and fossil resources.

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Recent publications

Recent publications are a chapter Nil Disco en Frank Veraart, ´A Farewell To Big Planning?, 1990-2010´ in Jos Arts (et. al.) Builders and Planners  (Eburon, 2016);  editing and several chapters inRuth Oldenziel, Martin Emmanuel, Adri Albert de la Bruhèze, Frank Veraart Cycling Cities: The European Experience (Stichting Historie der Techniek, 2016); chapter Frank Veraart, ´Transnational (Dis)Connections in Localizing Personal Computing in the Netherlands´ in Gerard Alberts en Ruth Oldenziel (eds.) Hacking Europe, (Springer 2014).

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Mobilty, Energy, Waste and Reuse, Environment

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Natural resources