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Jørgen Burchardt

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Cand. Phil.


National Museum of Science and Technology




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Burchardt is senior researcher at the National Museum of Science and Technology in Denmark and has former been director of the Danish Road Museum. He is currently working at the project “Freight transportation and supply chains 1920-1980” and “From invention to adapting in the construction business. Case: The introduction of pre-stressed concrete, 1928-1980″

His background is an education as engineer followed by studies in ethnology at the University of Copenhagen and continuing education at the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden and Deutsches Museum, Germany.
Many of his books are monographs of business history based on a foundation of economic research and statistics. The work is often based on fieldworks at the existing workplace, if possible.

Recent publications

Gods på vej (Freight on Road) 2017, 1.518 pages.
“Have the Good Times for Transport History Ended? A Scientometrical Study of Danish Transport History.” In: Mobility in History, 2016.
“Danske veje i Ghana” (Danish roads in Ghana). In: Vejhistorie, 2015.
Stålets mænd. Det Danske Stålvalseværk 1940-1962 (The men of steel. The Danish Steelworks 1940-1962) 2009, 248 pages.
Walker Danmark – fra håndværk til multinational business. (Work and management in the exhaust system business), 2008, 160 pages.
Fra universitet til samfund. Forskningsformidlingens infrastruktur. (From university to society. The infrastructure of science dissimilation.) 186 pages.
“En rullende revolution – ballondækkets historie” (A Rolling Revolution – the History of the Balloon Tire) Teknisk Museums Årbog, 2008.
Lige ud ad landevejen. (The history of the Danish highways). 2006, 383 pages.
En dansk bushistorie. (A Danish bus history). 2005, 184 pages incl. the video “A bus is made” 52 min.
Historiens lange tråd. NKT Trådværket 1899-1999. (The long wire. NKT Trådværket 1899-1999). 1999, 308 pages.

Role in Tensions of Europe


Research interests

Mobilty, Knowledge Networks

Additional research interests

transport, industry, management