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Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona/Max Planck Institute for the History of Science


History of Science




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Lino Camprubi studied in Sevilla and Cornell and obtained his PhD in UCLA in 2011. His first book explores the active role of engineers in building the Francoist regime and his second book expands that view to the role of scientists as diplomats and agents of international relations. He has pubished on phosphates in the Western Sahara, rice seeds, and the role of the senses in oceanography. He is particularly interested in anti-submarine warfare in the Strait of Gibraltar and the transformation of the Mediterranean as a maritime space.

Recent publications
  • Los ingenieros de Franco. Ciencia, catolicismo y Guerra Fría (Barcelona: Crítica, 2017).
  • Engineers and the Making of the Francoist Regime (Cambridge, Mass.: The MIT Press, 2014.

    La Naturaleza no existe: conservacionismos y relaciones internacionales en Doñana, Arbor, vol: 192-781 (2016): a344, 1-16.

    ·       with Sam Robinson, A Gateway to Ocean Circulation: Surveillance and Sovereignty at Gibraltar, Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 46, 4 (2016): 429-459.

    ·       The Invention of the Global Environment. Essay Review, Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 46, 2 (2016): 243-251.

    ·       Resource Geopolitics: Cold War Technologies, Global Fertilizer, and the Fate of Western Sahara, Technology and Culture, 57, 3 (2015): 676-703.

    ·       One Grain, One Nation Rice Genetics and the Corporate State in Early Francoist Spain (1939-1952), Historical Studies in the Natural Sciences, 40, No. 4 (2010): 499–531. 



Role in Tensions of Europe


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Security, Migration, Mobilty, Energy, Environment

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Philosophy, History and Philosophy of Science, Media Studies