Malin Nordvall



Malin Nordvall

Academic title(s)

PhD Candidate, History of Technology


Chalmers University of Technology


Technology Management and Economics

Short biography

Malin Nordvall is a PhD candidate in history of technology at the Division of Science, Technology and Society. Her supervisors are Per Lundin (main) and Anna Åberg. She is interested in the large number of projects with the objective to increase the proportion of women among the university-educated engineering community initiated by engineering actors since the 1970s. Departing from previous historical research on the gendered university-engineering profession, Malin explores the connection between the university-educated engineering profession’s historically shaped masculine values and the fragmentation of gender equality work. Of key importance for understanding the changing nature of gender equality projects over time is analysis of the relationship between, on the one hand, problem and solution formulation among gender equality actors in the engineering profession and, on the other hand, contemporary gender equality, labor market and educational policy discourses.Malin frequently lectures on history of technology in general, on her research topic in particular, within courses at Chalmers. She has supervised three several bachelor projects during her time as a Ph.D candidate.

Role in Tensions of Europe

Participant, Early Career Network

Research interests

Governance, Knowledge Networks

Additional research interests

Gender, Diversity, Engineering, Engineering Education