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Nina Wormbs

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KTH Royal Institute of Technology


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I am Associate Professor of History of Technology at KTH Royal Institute of Technology and served as Head of Division 2010-16. My research has been focused on media history with special interest in infrastructural and political issues concerning broadcasting technologies and frequency allocations. Recent interests are Arctic assessments and remote sensing of the cryosphere. I have had commissions for the Ministry of Culture, most recently concerning digital radio switch over. I sit on the board of the Nobel Museum and the steering committees for the Swedish Polar Research Secretariat and the Swedish Agency for Accessible Media.

I have been part of ToE since the early 2000s and serve on the Management Committee since 2013. I was its chair 2015-2017.

Recent publications

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Recent ones are
M. Christensen och N. Wormbs, “Global Climate Talks from Failure to Cooperation and Hope : Swedish News Framings of COP15 and COP21,” Environmental Communication : A Journal of Nature and Culture, s. 1-18, 2017.

N. Wormbs och S. Sörlin, “Arctic Futures : Agency and Assessing Assessments,” i Arctic Environmental Modernities : From the Age of Polar Expedition to the Era of Anthropocen, Lill-Ann Körber, Scott MacKenzie, Anna Westerståhl Stenport red., : Palgrave Macmillan, 2017, s. 247-261.

N. Wormbs et al., “Bellwether, exceptionalism and other tropes : Political coproduction of Arctic climate modelling,” i Cultures of Prediction in Atmospheric and Climate Science : Epistemic and Cultural Shifts in Computer-based Atmospheric and Climate Science, Matthias Heymann, Gabriele Grammelsberger & Martin Mahony red., London : Routledge, 2017, s. 133-155.

S. Höhler och N. Wormbs, “Remote sensing : Digital data at a distance,” i Methodological Challenges in Nature-Culture and Environmental History Research, Jocelyn Thorpe, Stephanie Rutherford, L. Anders Sandberg red., London, New York : Routledge, 2017, s. 272-283.

Media and the Politics of Arctic Climate Change : When the Ice Breaks, Miyase Christensen, Annika E. Nilsson and Nina Wormbs red., 1. uppl. New York : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013,

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Participant, Management Committee

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ICT, Environment, Knowledge Networks

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Climate communication