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Vasilis Galis

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Associate Professor


IT University of Copenhagen


Technologies in Practice



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Vasilis is an Associate Professor in the Technologies in Practice (TIP) group at the IT University of Copenhagen. He completed his Ph.D. at the University of Linköping in Sweden. His current research focuses on social movements and migrants and their use of digital media, radical politics, counter-information, internet activism, and lay expertise. Galis has published on social movements and sociotechnical systems from a Science and Technology Studies (STS) perspective.

Recent publications

Galis, V. and Summerton, J., 2017. We are all foreigners in an analogue world: cyber-material alliances in contesting immigration control in Stockholm’s metro system. Social Movement Studies, pp.1-19.

Galis, V.; Tzokas, S.; Tympas, A 2016. ”Bodies Folded in Migrant Crypts: Dis/Ability and the Material Culture of Border-Crossing”. Societies, 6 (10).

Galis, V. & Lee, F. 2014.  “A vocabulary of exclusion: destabilizing accessibility in the Athens Metro, 1991-1993”. Science, Technology and Human Values, Special Issue on Disability and STS. 39(1), 154-179.

Galis, V. & Hansson, A. 2012. “Partisan Scholarship in Technoscientific Controversies: Reflections on Research Experience”. Science as Culture, 21(3), 335-364.

Role in Tensions of Europe


Research interests

Migration, Mobilty, ICT

Additional research interests

Disability, social movements, counter-information media, digital resistance, Border Studies, social study of ICT, Science and Technology Studies (STS), Actor-Network Theory, ICT activism, critical disability studies, epistemological politics